Samsung Gear S2 Price In Pakistan

Samsung gear s2 price in pakistan

The Samsung Gear S2 price in Pakistan is starting from Rs.14,999/=. Samsung Gear S2 Classical Price In Pakistan is around 15,000/=. You can buy it from all major cities of Pakistan.

symbios.pkSamsung Gear S2 Price Rs. 15,500.
savers.pkSamsung Gear S2 Price Rs. 14,999.
daraz.pkSamsung Gear S2 Price Rs. 15,999.

The design of a smartwatch is close to an ordinary wristwatch, in terms of its hardware and software, Its more complex. “Smart watches” are rapidly turning into a little smartphone device.


Displays – the strongest side of Samsung, and this time they again tried their best. Samsung Gear S2 is equipped with a 1.2 inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 360 × 360 and a pixel density of 302 dpi.

Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is used as a protective glass, which seems to have an oleophobic coating. Thanks to proprietary technology, this display is characterized by bright and rich colors, deep black color, and low power consumption.


Samsung released five versions of the Gear S2: black and silver models without 3G, the same pair with a built-in 3G module and Gear S2 Classic with a leather strap and ribbed rim.

The main part of the case and the rotating bezel are made of stainless steel and the bottom of the watch is made of plastic. The buckle is made of metal, and the interchangeable straps are made of elastomer.

design and appearance of smart watch

The round display occupies the entire working surface of the dial – there are no edges and bevels that would be used as controls. On the right side of the watch are mechanical buttons “Back” and “Home”, and between them – the microphone hole.

On the “corners” of the bottom, the cover with four screws. The bottom of the watch is covered with plastic with a transparent window in the center, which is for heart rate sensor.


An interface control system or input system consists of three elements: a touch screen, a rotating bezel, and two mechanical buttons.

The bezel fits very well into the design of the watch. Scrolling through lists and applications with its help is very convenient, and much more convenient than using swipe the screen.

The bezel has a light and smooth move, which is interrupted by barely noticeable “obstacles”. It feels like there is a large clock gear under it, which it clings to during the turn. We feel a vibration on each move of the bezel.

The build quality is “five plus”: there is not an any badly fitted part. Monolithic construction protects from dust and water according to IP68 standard. If you need extra straps so you will have to buy it. To be able to use conventional straps, you will have to pay a little extra for the gear S2 Classic model.


The clock runs under the operating system Tizen OS, whose interface is as simple and intuitive as possible. Interaction with Circle UI is tied to the scrolling of lists using the bezel.

Let’s start with the main screen, which shows the dial. Swipe down to change the display brightness, switch the track in the player and turn off the vibration. It also displays information about the connection method (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) and the battery level.

Swipe to the left takes us to the latest notifications. Notifications from instant messengers and social networks can be answered directly from the watch screen. There are three ways to do this: quickly respond using a template, type a message using the touch keyboard, or dictate to the microphone.

interface of gear s2

By making the swipe right, you can scroll through the list of important applications. You can modify the apps: add new or remove unnecessary applications. When navigating the swipe menu in all directions, you can replace scrolling the bezel: you need to move to the right or down – turn it clockwise, left or up – counterclockwise.

To return to the home screen, press the upper mechanical button on the right-hand side. It always returns one level back. The bottom button sends to the application menu – there are a lot of pre-installed ones.

We will not talk in detail about each application, but simply list them: “Voice memo”, “Maps”, “Find a phone” (causes the smartphone to emit a loud signal), “Friends”, “Gallery” (you can download any image from your smartphone) “Music” (paging tracks in the player), “Stopwatch”, “Timer”, “Alarm clock”, “Weather”, S Voice (voice control), “Calendar”, “Settings”, Nike Running, S Health, “Calls” and “Recent Applications” (closing applications, usually continuing to work in the background, after exiting them).

The watch can act as a Bluetooth headset for your smartphone. More precisely, you can only speak in their microphone, and you will have to listen to the answer through a speakerphone or headphones. Using the watch, you can accept or reject the call. The Calls application allows you to dial the desired number or write an SMS message. Images automatically get upload from the “Gallery”.

Beautiful and comfortable Samsung Gear S2

The user interface of a smartwatch is important but attractive and user-friendly design is more important. Watches are trendsetters of a person’s style because no one wants to wear something ugly or old designs watch.

Samsung Gear S2 is among the most promising in terms of design. However, competition has become quite tough in recent times.

The new Huawei smartwatches look better, although the interface is less intuitive and elegant than the Gear S2.

Wireless interfaces

The watch has three wireless communication modules: Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and NFC.

wireless communication of gear s2 classic
wireless communication of gear s2 classic

The Bluetooth is used to communicate with a smartphone or headphones. NFC is used only for making payments using a proprietary payment system S Pay. 

Wi-Fi can only be connected when there is no Bluetooth connection between them. For example, if you forgot your smartphone at home, you can connect to a Wi-Fi network at work (the password is easily entered using the keyboard of the watch) and view notifications that come to the smartphone or respond to messages.

Autonomous work

The Gear S2 has a 250 mAh battery that charges from a wireless docking station. It takes two hours to fully charge the device – for such a capacity it is long enough. According to the manufacturer, the watch should work on a single charge for 2-3 days. Well, the Samsung information was confirmed: the smartwatch in the maximum load mode lived exactly two days.

If the watches are not used so intensively, they can easily stretch for three, or even four days. In case of a long separation from the outlet, an energy-saving mode is offered in the settings.

It dims the brightness, converts the color image to black and white, turns off Wi-Fi, limits processor performance and turns off all functions except calls, messages, and notifications.


  • durable metal housing;
  • high-quality screen;
  • IP68 dust and moisture protection;
  • long battery life;
  • built-in pulse measurement sensor;
  • Wi-Fi support;
  • the ability to listen to music from the clock;
  • simple interface Tizen OS;
  • Easy navigation with the bezel.


  • debt the charging time;
  • Compatible with branded straps only.


Manufacturer: Samsung


  • Type: dual core
  • Frequency, GHz: 1
  • OS: Tizen
  • Compatible with OS: Android


  • Diagonal, inches: 1.2
  • Type: touch super AMOLED
  • Color: yes


  • Bluetooth 4.1

Notification method

  • Vibration: yes
  • Beep: yes


  • Challenges: Yes
  • SMS: yes
  • Email: yes
  • Calendar events: yes
  • Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.): yes


  • Capacity, mAh: 250-300
  • Work time, days: up to 3

Physical parameters

  • Weight, g: 42 g / 47 g / 51 g
  • Removable strap: yes
  • Dimensions, mm: 39.9 × 43.6 × 11.4 (Classic); 42.3 × 49.8 × 11.4 (base model); 44.0 x 51.8 x 13.4 (3G)


  • Protection against water shock: yes
  • Music player control: yes
  • NFC: have
  • Optional: gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, heart rate sensor, Wi-Fi
  • Samsung Gear S2 Price in Pakistan Rs.14,999/=.
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